The idle ferry will serve as a ‘floating hotel’

The idle ferry will serve as a 'floating hotel'

The 4-storey ferry, which previously sailed from Van to Tatvan, will be transformed into a hotel with specially furnished spacious cabins, jacuzzi, cafeteria, lounge, internet, sauna, and wedding and conference hall facilities. Edremit Mayor İsmail Say said, “Our guests coming to our city will be able to travel and stay here. Tourism will be revived in this way. With this project, we will make Edremit a city of tourism,” he said.

In Edremit, one of the districts of Van with the highest tourism potential, the idle ferry, which will be converted into a “floating hotel” in order to give tourists a different holiday experience, was lowered to Lake Van in Bitlis’s Tatvan district.
In Edremit, which attracts tourists with its historical and cultural richness as well as its nature, “Floating Hotel Project” was prepared by the municipality in order to revitalize tourism and increase employment.
Within the scope of the project approved by the Ministry of Industry and Technology and supported by the Eastern Anatolia Development Agency (DAKA), work has begun to transform the idle ferry “Rafet Ünal”, which used to transport passengers and freight between Van and Tatvan, into a hotel.
The 4-storey ferry brought to the shipyard in Bitlis’s Tatvan district will be transformed into a hotel where specially furnished cabins, jacuzzi, cafeteria, lounge, internet, sauna and wedding and conference hall facilities will be offered.
After the infrastructure works in the shipyard, the “floating hotel” weighing 1680 tons, 82 meters long and 14 meters wide, will be offered to tourists in a unique view where blue and green meet.
The work on the ferry is planned to be completed by the end of the year.
Edremit Mayor İsmail Say said in his statement that the project contains tourism, employment and professional elements together.
Saying that they have prepared a project suitable for the 3 thousand years of history of the district, Say said, “We wanted to develop a project in terms of bringing together Van Lake and history, employment and tourism. When we learned that a ferry carrying freight between Van and Tatvan was in vain, our friends started work. Then we submitted a project to the Ministry of Science and Industry. When our project was accepted, we started to transform the ferry into a hotel. ” he spoke.
Stating that the project will enable the Van Lake to be used more actively in tourism, Say said that they want to attract the attention of foreign tourists and contribute to employment.
Explaining that there will be multi-purpose halls and rooms in the concept of a boutique hotel in the “floating hotel”, Say said: “We will use the captain’s flat for educational purposes. Students from the Tourism Vocational Schools will be able to use it for educational purposes. project planning and design is done. Most recently we offer services in the complete Edremit coast. this project brought the sound is not Turkey and the international arena in Van only. There are rare projects similar in Turkey. will contribute to the promotion of the city. Our guests can be accommodated to travel here. Tourism With this project, we will turn Edremit into a tourism favorite city. “
Stating that the ferry has a large indoor area, Say emphasized that they want to bring the project to the service of people by making their dreams come true in the near future.

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