The history of Sivas will come alive with the ‘Castle Project’

The history of Sivas will come alive with the 'Castle Project'

In the area where the ruins of the historical Sivas Castle are located, with the ‘Castle Project’ prepared by the municipality, the historical houses of the Ottoman period will be restored. Seljuk period artifacts will add value to the city’s tourism with the work that will reveal a nostalgic area between Gök Medrese and Ulu Mosque.

The ‘Castle Project’, which is intended to bring Sivas Castle and its surroundings to tourism, covering an area of ​​42 thousand square meters, will integrate the historical Ulu Mosque and Gök Medrese. In this context, the architectural structures that will be located in the area where archaeological excavations continue have also come to light. The project, which is planned to be completed in 2022, is thought to add value to the city.
Providing information about the ‘Castle Project’ works, Sivas Mayor Hilmi Bilgin said, “The area we are in is approximately 42 thousand square meters and it is a historical place in Sivas city center. The castle project, which has been on the agenda for a long time, was tendered and we started the first stage construction here. Our aim is to rebuild and keep the historical Sivas neighborhood alive. We want to exhibit the old Sivas culture and life here. When the project is completed on an area at the foot of the Sivas Castle, next to Gökmedrese and overlooking the Grand Mosque, the old Sivas houses and different areas can be used. “With the buildings we will install, I hope it will add great value to Sivas tourism and culture.”
Stating that there was a waste of time in the project due to the troublesome year of 2020, Bilgin said, “I hope we will complete the project in 2022 if there is no setback. Our high-speed train will be coming in the next period. Sivas will now be a city much closer to everywhere. We support projects like this. A project that will reach approximately 100 million TL. The amount spent so far is 10 million TL. A large budget, but we care. Because it was a project that Sivas has been talking about and waiting for for years. “Well, we are digging well here with a needle. We carry out the work with the help of a pickaxe and a shovel. Of course, it makes the process difficult and extends the time, but scientifically we need to do so. I hope it will be opened in 2023, the 100th anniversary of the republic.”
People of Sivas are also following the ‘Castle Project’ with interest. Mustafa Kurtulan (21), from the neighborhood, said, “These places were ruined and destroyed buildings were noticeable. People who lived here were especially uncomfortable at night. As the dependent people generally preferred such places, it was possible to see the mentioned people in this area. “It was nice to start the” Kale Project “. I hope it will offer good things to Sivas,” he said.
Stating that the value of the houses in the neighborhood increased with the project, Hüseyin Denizli (32) said, “This project is very important in terms of tourism. I think it is very beautiful. It is a project that adds value to Sivas. Previously, this area was in ruins. is increasing, “he said.

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