The daily price is 7 thousand liras! Occupancy has already reached 60 percent

The daily price is 7 thousand liras!  Occupancy has already reached 60 percent

The Corona virus (Covid-19) epidemic brought about a change in vacation understanding and plans. Those who do not want to enter crowded environments such as hotels due to the epidemic are turning to private holidays such as pool villas and yachts, while the occupancy in these reservations has already reached 60 percent, it is expected to reach 100 percent in summer.

Yusuf Temrel, who operates in the villa and yacht charter industry, said that with the Covid-19 outbreak, people’s holiday preferences changed. Stating that the new trend is villas and yacht rentals, Temrel stated that those who do not want to enter crowded places such as hotels are turning to these options. Temrel stated that all areas such as the pool, sunbathing area, rooms, garden and terrace are completely personal, guests cannot be stuck in a single room and a private holiday can be made away from risks.
Emrel emphasized that they took the necessary measures to provide a healthier holiday and shared the following information: “Last summer, we had a super-safe holiday period with zero incidents. In this context, the recommendations of the Scientific Committee and the Ministry of Health on issues such as cleaning of our villas, disinfection procedures, pool maintenance. We covered the villas and pools against all viruses, bacteria and algae with biocidal antimicrobial surface protectors. We added disinfectants with long-term effects to the villas. We gave trainings to our teammates. HES) must declare the code “
Yusuf Temrel stated that the demand for villas, which ranked first in the safe holiday category away from Covid-19, started earlier this year than expected.
Pointing out that the interest in Kalkan region has increased by 50 percent, Temrel said: “Compared to the previous year, we reached 60 percent in villa bookings. Although international reservations have not started yet, the villa holiday option has met with high demand from local tourists. The price of a daily holiday in luxury villas is 1100. It ranges from lira to 7 thousand lira. The rentals start from at least 5 nights, vary between about 8 thousand lira and 50 thousand lira per week. Yacht charter prices vary between 30 thousand lira and 120 thousand lira per week “.
Noting that Kalkan, the touristic region of Kaş, is known as the world capital of villa tourism, Temrel said that tourists come to the region from many countries every year. Stating that Kalkan, which has become the brand of an isolated holiday, is intense interest in the regions of Islamlar (Bodamya), Üzümlü, Bezirgan and Sarıbelen, Temrel said, “It is known that the population of Kalkan, which is 3 thousand 614, reaches 20-25 thousand in the summer months. If a reservation is not made, it becomes impossible to find a place, “he said.
Temrel also drew attention to the impact of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s announcement of 2020 as the “Year of Patara”. Both this decision and First Lady Emine Erdoğan’s participation in the Turtles Protection and Monitoring Program organized by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization in Antalya and visiting Patara Ancient City within the scope of “2020 Patara Year” created awareness for the region. told.
Temrel, giving the information they bring patients from many countries to Turkey with international medical tourism, patients and the rest of the period until the close treatment after doctors regain control of their reported isolated that he preferred villa, a holiday option.
Stating that many domestic and foreign celebrities prefer villas where privacy is protected every year, Temrel said that those who try the villa holiday once will never give up again. Expressing that the villa concept is very popular in Temrel, Kaş, Kalkan and Fethiye regions, “We expect villas that are 60 percent full even in winter to reach 100 percent occupancy for this summer.” said.

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