The couple, who raised their grandchildren in the restriction, went on a tour to Turkey when the bans were lifted.

Saying that they came to Kastamonu from Muğla’s Fethiye district, Kadriye Varlı said, “We have been caravans for 6 years. Three nature lovers, we went on the Western Black Sea tour. We encountered the beauties of the Western Black Sea, such as the plateaus, natural beauties, and forest cover that we could not imagine. Thanks to our Governor of Kastamonu, he was extremely interested in us. He asked about my needs, visited us in the trailer.

He hosted us in his office and we shared our views on what can be done to develop caravan tourism in Kastamonu. We enjoyed extremely caring and relevant management. We are now around Daday Egg Pond. We liked this place very much, it is very beautiful. We will tour all the districts of Kastamonu. I invite all my caravan friends who are thinking of coming to Kastamonu to see the natural beauties of this place together with its districts.”

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