The city of happy people who say ‘Long live this month’: Kırklareli

The city of happy people who say 'Long live this month': Kırklareli

Among the places where warm-blooded and sincere people keep the culture of coexistence at the highest level, Kırklareli is among the rare cities where urbanization does not separate people from each other.

Metropolitan life away, “happy people in city” that is synonymous with the slogan Kırklareli, Turkey ranks among the most peaceful and safe cities. In Kırklareli, which is among the places where warm-blooded and sincere people keep the culture of coexistence at the highest level, the city residents do not spare their greetings even if they do not know each other.
Sincere conversations in the local language such as “Nabarsın bea”, “Live this moon”, “separate works” with the Thracian accent, where the letter “H” is not used much, makes the people coming from the city smile.
Kırklareli, where the word “hello” is enough to meet, and Anatolian culture is kept alive with the sincerity and hospitality of the people, draws attention with its nature, culture, art, history and local flavors. The slogan “City of happy people”, which was registered with the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office in 2020 by the Municipality of Kırklareli, contributes to the happiness of those who come to the city from outside.
Mayor of Kırklareli Mehmet Siyam Kesimoğlu said that the slogan “City of happy people” is now synonymous with this city. Noting that the inhabitants of the city have a structure that is happy quickly, Kesimoğlu said that for this reason, they wrote “Welcome to the city of happy people” on model hearts at the entrances of the city center.
Kesoglu said, “In our second heart,” Mustafa Kemal beats the pulse of those who live here, “he said. Noting that every person living in the city is humble, Kesimoğlu said, “We are humble, we are humble, we have a structure that can be happy with little things. When we leave our house, we are happy to greet a tradesman while walking on the road, sit down and have a coffee and daily conversation. We arithmetic. “We are a city that attains geometric happiness with investment.”
“There is a special soul in Kırklareli, there is a secret secret, that happiness has the secret…” said Kesimoğlu, “People are happy when they share, they share when they are happy. We do so. We always see the full side of the glass, positive. We look at the life. Let them share the neighborhood, love, existence, absence, friendship, respect and all values ​​that are beautiful and be happy. We deserve to be happy. Happy World Happy People Day, everyone be happy. Let them pay attention to our only feature, we are good, we are pleasant, democrat, secular, contemporary, we are a society that is committed to the rule of law and human rights. We have a negative side, we are addictive. Let them come, see, live, I am sure they will not want to leave here again.
Kırklareli University (KÜ) Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Head of Psychology Department. Faculty Member Pelin Dikmen Yıldız said that slogans such as “the city of happy people” have psychological and emotional associations on people. Yildiz said, “Happiness is sometimes hidden in a drop of rain, sometimes in the warmth of the spring sun, and sometimes in the smile of a child. It is perhaps the most innocent of feelings that warms one’s heart and cracks the taste buds.”
Stating that happiness has a different meaning for everyone, Yıldız said, “Happiness in Kırklareli, sometimes the calmness of Vize, the dynamism of İğneada, the underwater beauty of the Longoz forests and the versatility of Lüleburgaz, the ancient depth and history of Dupnisa Cave. It shows itself in the taste of hosting the Thracians dating back to ancient times, “he said.
Tradesman Avni Dalgıç, one of the residents of the city, stated that he could never leave Kırklareli, where he came to visit Istanbul in 2005. Expressing that the city has one of the lowest crime rates gives people a special confidence, Dalgıç said, “The city makes people love itself. I came to travel, I could not return to Istanbul again. It is an addictive city. I am happy to be here. Kırklareli is mine It is a good city with its people, people’s actions and mentality, “he said.
Hasan Varçın, one of the residents of the city, said that the city is so peaceful and happy that it cannot be described in words, and that he is happy to live here.

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