The canyon that cannot be shared was named Acıpayam

Acıpayam Mayor Hulusi Şevkan, who said that there are conflicts between the two neighborhoods and water fights, said, “The canyon we call Acıpayam Canyon is really a corner of heaven that Allah has given us. This is a beautiful corner of the homeland. It’s an area we want all people to see. It is in the middle of our self and Olukbaşı villages. The two villages have been at odds over time. It is mine, water fights or something happened. When we visit that region, when that canyon is discovered, when we see and notice. Otherwise, that canyon has been there for centuries. The area that attracts everyone’s attention. However, they could not take full advantage. We are a metropolitan city by saying that we should not break the Olukbaşı and the Self. Acıpayam is a district rooted in its ancient history and they are our neighborhoods and villages. We wanted it to be Acıpayam Canyon. I think Acıpayam Canyon looks good. It embraces both the Self and our Olukbaşı. Over time, when thousands of people begin to flow there, both the Olukbaş and the Self will not remember the old days, the bad days left in their memories. Because the economic power of that region will change. We believe that both the Self and Olukbaşı, that region and Acıpayam will win. Turhan Veli Akyol, our Provincial Director of Culture and Tourism, came with his team and university teachers. They gave information to our young friends, especially by meeting with a number of studies. We will do all kinds of work together with them. “We are trying to carry out this work in coordination with our district governorship, other institutions and governorship all.

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