The British who go on vacation will be fined 5 thousand pounds

In the UK, the parliament will vote on a bill on the new type of corona virus (Covid-19) restrictions on March 25.

International travel, business, education, legal obligations, voting, moving, selling, renting properties, child care, being present at birth, visiting a dying relative or close friend, funeral will be banned except for getting married or attending a close relative’s wedding, medical appointments and avoiding potential risks.

Those who violate the rule will be fined 5 thousand pounds.


While the article will remain in effect until June 30, Health Minister Matt Hancock said holidays outside the country may be allowed before that date.

Speaking to Sky News, Hancock stated that they will act according to the results of the review on international travel to be published next month, and that the earliest date that can be allowed international travel may be 17 May.

Currently, those traveling without a valid reason are fined £ 200.

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