Swiss Jonas peers into family tradition

Explaining that they have covered 1300 kilometers so far, Jonas Wüst continued as follows:

“This is 130 kilometers of climbing. We plan to build 3500-4000 kilometers in total in Turkey. We travel 30-90 kilometers a day. We encountered a pelican migration on the way. We saw flocks of birds in the lakes. We photographed flamingos around Izmir. The biggest aim of this trip is,” To observe the nature, to camp freely. To know the nature, culture, history and people of Turkey. To see what my family told about Turkey on the spot. To get to know the hospitable, helpful and friendly Turkish people my family told about. To see the animals, birds and the habitat of birds. With my friends, we can say the following with what we have experienced so far: We are now a volunteer publicity ambassador of Turkey. We are the promotion ambassador of the Turkish people. There is no other country people in the world who are so friendly and share their bread with you. Turkey is a very safe country. Due to the pandemic, calmness prevails. We will come to Turkey together again. “

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