Swiss family of 4 travels Turkey on 2 bicycles

Architect Martin Burger, who lives in Aaran, Switzerland, travels around Turkey with his wife physiotherapist Sbiylle Burger, primary school third grade student Noemi (9) and first grade student Aline (7).

The Burger family flew to Izmir on April 16, with two bicycles with them. The family set off from Izmir, touring Efes in Izmir, Pamukkale in Aydın and Denizli, and came to Kas via Seydikemer district of Muğla. The family visited Saklıkent and Patara Ancient City in Kaş and came to Demre district of Antalya. The family, who camped at the camp site in Demre’s Çayağzı Port for three days, toured Myra Ancient City and Andriake Ancient City. The family, who worked for their children at a certain time during the day, enjoyed the sun and the sea at Çayağzı Beach.

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