‘Suuçtu Waterfall’ pouring from 30 meters in Bilecik attracts attention from visitors

'Suuçtu Waterfall' pouring from 30 meters in Bilecik attracts attention from visitors

Suuçtu Waterfall in Bilecik’s Yenipazar district attracts attention from daily visitors in the gradual normalization process with its water flowing from 30 meters and its green nature around it.

The clear view of the water flowing from Suuçtu Waterfall, which is located at an altitude of 875 meters within the borders of Yukarıçaylı village, 10 kilometers away from Bilecik district center, and collected in a small pool at the point where it falls, draws attention.
Yenipazar Mayor İlhan Özden said that the waterfall is one of the regions of the district with tourism potential. Stating that the waterfall in the valley is visited especially by visitors from Istanbul and surrounding cities, Özden said, “Our waterfall, Süzmen Pond and Harmankaya Canyon are a triangle, our places with tourism potential. We have a serious number of guests. The number of visitors is increasing day by day.” .
Mehmet Kaya, who lives in the district, also explained that the residents of the area come here to rest, especially on weekends, and said, “The waterfall is beautiful, but I think it can be developed further with the work to be done.”​
Özden stated that with the support of Bilecik Governorship and Yenipazar District Governorship, they will work to bring the waterfall to the forefront and bring it to tourism.

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