Stories of escape to nature: He left the city life and settled in the chalet! Earning 2 thousand lira a week

Stories of escape to nature: He left the city life and settled in the chalet!  Earning 2 thousand lira a week

Mehmet Kuş (35), who left the city life when he was adversely affected by the pandemic while running a cafe in Ankara, settled in the house of his father in the Yayladağı district of Hatay, close to the sea. Explaining that being alone with nature gives him peace of mind, Kuş said that he earned a living with the 2 thousand liras he earned a week by fishing and that he sometimes met his food needs with fish exchange.

Mehmet Kuş, who worked as a cafe and restaurant manager in Ankara for 10 years, returned to his hometown Yayladağı district of Hatay due to the stagnation in his work during the pandemic.
Kuş, who settled in a two-room house inherited from his father in Gözlüce District of the district, near the sea, started to live a natural life by fishing with spear while exploring the region with his eastern walks.
Expressing that he had stressful days with the pandemic, Kuş said, “Due to the pandemic, when things went bad, we were overwhelmed, we were stressed, we were affected financially and spiritually. I wanted to get away from all these and therefore I returned to my hometown. I decided to stay alone by the sea and live naturally. I never tried to save money before, I saw that my life is going away from my life. “That’s why I decided to give myself to the sea. I come here every day, I dive when the weather conditions are right. I fish in the morning and evening and I make a living from it,” he said.
Saying that he did not pay for many things in his new life, Kuş said, “I sell some of the fish that I shoot with a harpoon and catch with a fishing line, and meet my needs. Sometimes I exchange the fish I catch with shepherds while supplying food. I buy butter, salted yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese from them. I use spring water, I already buy the bread from the tandoor. While I buy the bread, I go to the villages near here and exchange the fish from the sisters in the tandoori for bread. In order to preserve the fish I catch, I give the fisherman fish and buy ice in the same way. “When my harpoons and similar materials are missing, I go to the city once a month.
Saying that he loves the dark very much and spends a lot of time to rest, Kuş said that he set up tents in the caves in Kel Mountain coves where he can fish and said, “When the sea conditions are good, I also take my tent and come here. Sometimes I stay in the tent for two days when there is no fish. But when I catch fish, I have to go home so that it doesn’t smell because I can’t keep it here. Then I buy supplements and come back to these bays. Sometimes there are times when I can’t fish for three days, I stay here for three days. Because I have no other job. At night, I throw my fishing rod at the seaside, saying ‘rather than wait on the shore, let it wait in the sea’. Surprise fish also come out in the morning hours, ”he said.
Expressing that he earns 2 thousand TL per week by fishing, Kuş said: “I fish satisfactorily. I know where to go because of my talent and I have a command of the region. I also give the fish I catch for serious money. There are those who order specially. There are even those who order live fish in the sea. I catch 50-60 kilos of fish weekly and sell them for different prices “
Expressing that the peace that the sea and nature gives him is unexplainably good, but the only thing he is disturbed in the region is pollution, Kuş said, “There is only one situation that I am uncomfortable with; and that is when people leave their garbage when they come to the sea, picnic, fishing. This is a very serious problem and the beach is full of boxes and plastic waste. In my spare time, sometimes when the sea is not suitable for diving, I collect the garbage that people throw away ”.

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