Stone mansion houses are put into service – Last Minute Kütahya News | NTV News

With the support of Kütahya Special Provincial Administration Golcuk Plateaustarted construction in 10 stone mansion housesIt was reported that the project was completed and brought to mountain tourism.

Simav Mayor Adil Biçer and Deputy Mayors Fatih Kalay examined the stone mansion houses whose construction was completed in Ahmet Sönmez.

President Biçer said, “As the normalization process will begin as of July 1 and the restrictions are lifted to a large extent, our Gölcük recreation area, which will be an important stopover point for our citizens, is ready. In addition to the completion of 10 stone mansion houses, the construction of 5 stone mansion houses is continuing rapidly.

Stating that Gölcük recreation area is one of the important mountain tourism places of the region, Biçer continued his words as follows:

“Gölcük recreation area looks like a hidden paradise with its angling fishing, hiking and cycling paths, tent camps and caravan areas, playgrounds, washrooms and toilets, a mosque, a restaurant and a magnificent nature at an altitude of 1,450 meters, in the crater lake. Opening its doors to domestic and foreign tourism. We have taken all the measures in our recreation area in Gölcük plateau. Our citizens can have a holiday with peace of mind.”

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