Stay hidden beauty of Turkey’s 11

Stay hidden beauty of Turkey's 11

Turkey’s Culture Portal, canyon from the nature parks, waterfalls from the crater lake’s hidden beauties of Turkey was compiled for you.

Şahinkaya Canyon, built on Kızılırmak and 13 km away from Vezirköprü, draws attention with its feature of being the deepest place of Altınkaya Dam. The canyon, which is about 1500 meters long, dazzles the turquoise waters of Kızılırmak and enchants those who see it with its grandeur.
Sülüklügöl Nature Park is 50 km from Mudurnu. The lake, which was formed as a result of landslides about 300 years ago, has an untouched beauty. With its 6 hectares of area, it offers nature lovers the opportunity to have a pleasant time, especially in the summer months. The leeches that give the lake its name are no longer found in the lake.
Tortum Waterfall, which takes on a different beauty in every period of the year, offers a unique beauty that fascinates the nature lovers. While the waterfall shows itself in all its glory especially in May and June, the amount of water decreases after June. The waterfall and its surroundings are also one of the most important recreation areas of Erzurum.
Narlıgöl (Acıgöl), located on the Aksaray-Niğde border, is good for various diseases with its healing water rich in calcium, sodium and bicarbonate. The lake, which has taken the shape of a heart due to the decrease in the water level in recent years, fascinates its visitors with its unique and romantic appearance.
Sapadere Canyon, located in Sapadere village in the east of Alanya district, offers a unique experience for those who want to get rid of the sweltering summer heat and cool off a little bit, breathe the clean forest air in the pergolas built by the water, and eat the trout grown in the ice-cold waters melting from the snow in the plateaus.
Arapapıştı Canyon, which was formed by the erosion of Akçay, which feeds the Kemer Dam, over the years, has a unique nature with its 380 meters height and 6 km length. In addition to containing natural formations, it is one of the rare places where history and nature come together with city ruins from the ancient period.
Gökpınar Lake, with its natural beauty, is one of the rare places of our country as well as Gürün. It is 10 km away from the town center. Its water is sweet, clear and clean. The lake, which is named Gökpınar because its color is blue-sky color, also changes tone according to the angle of the sun.
Akgöl, located in the south of Ayancık district, was formed by the merger of two streams flowing through the dense fir forests around. There are picnic areas around the lake, which are suitable for day trips.
Hazar Lake is the holiday and recreation center of Elazig with its crystal clear water and public blue flag beaches. The Sunken City, which is in the lake, is one of the important places registered as a first degree archaeological site. Hazar Lake, almost a corner of heaven, was shown among the top five candidates in the European Distinguished Destinations Project in 2010.
Karapınar Meke Crater Lake is 8 km southeast of Karapınar. It is a crater lake, unique in the world, formed by a double explosion on the ground. It is a natural wonder with its panoramic view, geological structure and colorful birds living in the region.
İncesu Canyon is in the village of İncesu in Ortaköy district. Incesu Canyon, which has a single entrance and exit, is 12.5 km long. Its width varies between 40-60 meters. Both slopes of the canyon are steep rocky and it is possible to come across forest areas in places. It is suitable for canyon rafting and trekking sports.

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