Statement from IDO about weekday flights

According to the statement made by IDO, the company continues to offer its guests safe sea travel in line with the measures and measures taken against the new type of corona virus (Covid-19) epidemic.

İDO, which has rearranged its voyage hours within the scope of new restrictions and measures in line with the said circular issued by the Ministry of Interior, will continue to operate weekdays between 05.00-19.00.

İDO will not only make weekends on ticketed lines.

On weekdays between 19.00-05.00, passengers with IDO tickets will be able to travel exempt from the curfew by presenting a ticket when they go out for travel.

In the new arrangement, flights on Sirkeci-Harem and Eskihisar-Topçular lines will continue uninterruptedly. According to the “Partial Closure” circular, flights on ticketed lines will continue on weekdays at 05.00-19.00, during hours without curfew.

IDO will offer a safe travel to its passengers with the measures and measures implemented within the scope of the recommendations of the Ministry of Health Coronavirus Scientific Committee and the information provided by official institutions.

Passengers can get detailed information about departure times at “”, IDO mobile application and sales points at the terminals.

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