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Culture and Tourism Minister Ersoy made a statement to journalists before President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s joint statement with Kyrgyzstan President Sadır Caparov at the Presidential Complex.


Minister Ersoy, about the contacts regarding Russia’s lifting the flight restriction to Turkey due to the corona virus, said, “The talks are going positive. The Russians asked for a visit program, we gave the program. Appointment is expected. They asked us 2 questions, we gave detailed answers. will do,” he said.

Minister Ersoy stated that after the visit of the Russian delegation, he will share his data with the Russian state and that the country will decide to restart flights in the light of these data.


Making statements about the meetings with European countries, Minister Ersoy said, “We reach an agreement with all countries, our Ministry of Health officials, their Ministry of Health officials, let’s call them ‘Covid management centres’. We have both delegations meet regularly and repeatedly. Everyone has mutual questions. Questions are answered. Those stages are being passed now. All of them are going positive. So far, more than 8 countries have been contacted. European countries have also accelerated. France It starts with now. Netherlands, Belgium There will be a meeting with all of them. First, the agreement of the health units is achieved. The EU is just taking its decisions in the decision-making phase. Non-European countries are also adapting,” he said.


Noting that Turkey has reached European criteria in the number of cases, Ersoy said, “Each country’s criteria are different. Europe does not have a single criterion. One says ’50 per 100 thousand’, the other ’40’. One country says, ‘This is not enough mutation’. The country has its own rules. The EU does not take joint decisions. It only takes recommendations. In non-European countries, each country takes its own decision. That’s why it is negotiated with the countries one by one,” he said.


Minister Ersoy, who also made evaluations about public beaches, said, “The number of public beaches is increasing. Currently, the number has increased to 7. We will open many more next year. We will open them in every region. It was 4 at the moment, it increased to 7; We will increase it to 14. Their entrance is free, and the service standard is 5-star. We receive positive reactions from the public, we will increase their number,” he said.

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