Skiing continues in the east in the spring

Sway Hotel General Manager Ömer Akça stated that they started the season troubled due to the epidemic, but then they adjusted their business with some precautions.

Stating that the reservations started to accelerate towards the beginning of the year, Akça said:

“The most important figure here was that the ski centers abroad were closed. Our reservations increased with this. We had a good season and it snowed well. CAT3-A was made this year. There were no delays or cancellations on the flights to Erzurum. was a step forward from the ski resorts. Other ski resorts in the abdomen a little late to arrive technical infrastructure deficiencies in the structure Palandöken according to the ski centers in Turkey went through a step forward this year. currently there are about a meter of snow on our slopes. Some of our business was closed for the season, but especially the municipality’s facilities are open “

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