Seagull Island in Tunceli hosts thousands of birds

Serhat Yıldız, a member of the region, stated that seagulls are on this island every season, “The most important feature of the island we are in now is that it is home to gulls and herons. Seagulls and heron birds perform their incubation and spawning period here twice a year. No matter how high the water rises, the island is not inundated. This location is among the places to visit and see. Those seagulls, where we throw bagels and biscuits at the ferry crossings, are actually located here as nests. They only provide food resources on the water and on the ferry route. Summer and winter are here. There are thousands of gulls here. For this reason, we can call Tunceli the bird paradise here. Now it is the spawning period. When you step into the island, you will definitely come across eggs and baby gulls on your right or left. shows that it is used by seagulls at a high rate. ye spoke.

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