Sea enjoyment for tourists free of restrictions

Sea pleasure of tourists free of restrictions

In the tourist city of Antalya, where the air temperature is 24 degrees and the sea water temperature is 17 degrees, tourists without restrictions flocked to the beach.

Foreign tourists, who are exempt from the restrictions, enjoy the world-famous Konyaaltı Beach.
Some of the tourists who came to the beach with their children from the early hours of the morning preferred to sunbathe and some preferred to swim with their children.
Some of them spent their day chatting with their friends under the sun umbrella.
Anastasia Osogostok (26), who first came to Chile for a holiday from Russia, then moved to Istanbul for 3 days, continues her holiday in Antalya.
Osogostok, who bathed in the sea and sunbathed on the Konyaaltı Beach, said, “After Istanbul, Antalya has come very well. I have been here for 7 days. There are many police on the streets and avenues. The streets are empty due to the coronavirus. There are only foreigners on the beach. The sun and the sea are magnificent,” he said.

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