‘Purple feast’ with a view of Burdur Lake attracts attention

'Purple feast' with a view of Burdur Lake attracts attention

Purple lavender fields in the Lisinia Nature Project Area in Burdur once again became the focus of attention with the normalization process. Vacationers who come to the fields with Burdur Lake view wander among purple flowers and take pictures.

In the Lisinia Nature Project Area, near the Karakent village of Burdur, the lavenders planted in the fields overlooking the Burdur Lake have bloomed. Fields full of purple flowers began to return to their old days with a gradual normalization process.
Those who could not leave the house during the pandemic showed great interest in lavender fields. Visitors who come to the area by tour buses wander among the lavenders and take pictures with the view of Burdur Lake.
Öztürk Sarıca, responsible for the Lisinia Nature Project Area, said, “The ‘lavender angustifolia sevtopolis’ (early lavenders) that will be open to visitors for about 1-1.5 months has now opened. About two weeks later, our lavender will open with the visual we call ‘lavender intermedia’. “They want to meet with nature and have a better time among the scents of lavender. Being able to spend a day with both the relaxing and relaxing scent of lavender, especially with its purple colors, relaxes people and gives peace,” he said.
Stating that he thinks lavender tourism will be intense this year, Sarıca said, “Both the health of people and the economy of the country will be seriously affected by such trips that will be made by paying attention to the pandemic conditions. We invite everyone in Turkey to see the lavenders and visit the Lisinia Project Area in the coming days.” .
Stating that they hosted about 400 thousand visitors before the pandemic, Sarıca said, “Despite the pandemic last year, 260 thousand visitors came. I think we will push 300 thousand this year. But if we consider that people are bored at home, maybe we can reach 400 thousand numbers. We will use our promotion rooms in the project area, our sales areas and later We expanded the areas where people can spend time,” he said.
Stating that they explained the health effects of natural products to the visitors, Sarıca said, “After the information given, they are allowed to visit the lavender gardens.”

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