Producers can’t keep up with demand in caravan, the new favorite of vacationers

Producers can't keep up with demand in caravan, the new favorite of vacationers

RV manufacturers increased interest in tourism in Turkey every year, is struggling to meet growing demand. The epidemic, which affected the whole world, caused changes in the preferences of vacationers. Those looking for an isolated vacation turned to nature tourism. The interest in the caravan holiday has grown enormously. Tourism professionals and caravan manufacturers anticipate that the demand for caravan tourism will increase even more this season.

Turkey Travel Agencies Association (TÜRSAB) Head of Highways Tourism Specialized Kerem Serkan Shepherd, said that cares about the camping and caravan tourism for sustainable tourism. EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT CARAVANS
Camping and caravan sector to show that transfers the attention of foreign tourists Shepherd, stressed that Turkey should take steps to growing demand in this regard. Shepherd, indicating that 5.8 million campers in the EU, “is known to be moving caravan 1.2 million in Germany. There are no official figures but it is estimated that in Turkey, 25 thousand,” he said.
Pointing out that leasing is also in demand in addition to purchasing, Çoban stated that national car rental companies are now investing in these issues. the domestic producers made significant investments in Turkey as they addressed the Shepherd, “Very soon, the center of this work faith in our country would be a very serious selling to Europe full trailer,” he said.
Emphasizing that there are 25 thousand caravan camping areas in European countries according to 2018 data, Çoban said, “35 percent of these are in France. Together with France, Germany, Spain and Italy make up 70 of the total. “It is estimated to be about 150,” he said.
TÜRSAB as expressing that the work on this issue Shepherd, “We think the caravan as a tourism product. In Turkey 150 caravan The number of needs to increase. We must improve both in accordance with international standards. Relevant local authorities. In this sense, the private sector investment will be “found in the assessment.
Pointing to the need to evaluate the true Shepherd caravan interest in Turkey in recent years, both production indicated that there was an increase in both areas. Çoban added that there are some problems in the tax and insurance sector as a sector and that these should be overcome.
Murat Ylımaz, owner of Ortiz Karavan in Izmir, said that they have been producing caravans for about 5 years. Expressing that there was an interest in caravans before the epidemic, Yılmaz said, “The explosion of demand in the real sense was with an epidemic. We could not raise caravans last year. The interest continues at the same time this year. Again, the demand is too high. We cannot keep up with the demands despite the increase in the number of producers,” he said. NON-AGING FASHION ON TRAVEL: CARAVANS
Stating that with the increase in the number of manufacturers, those who will buy caravans should take more careful steps, Yılmaz emphasized that good research should be done when purchasing, the need should be determined correctly and a caravan should be bought. Emphasizing that the number of brands in domestic production is increasing rapidly, Yılmaz said, “Caravan prices start from 75 thousand liras, can go up to 200 thousand. Prices vary according to the brand and equipment.”
A caravan passion of all sectors of society that Yilmaz said, “Not really a passion. can not give up so easily that once caravans vacation. We now also a serious attack in the country. made in exports. In the coming years, Turkey in trailer production will shape the world. In our faith is complete” found the assessment.

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