Prices increased in caravans, where interest increased during the pandemic period

Stating that there are caravans suitable for every budget at the fair, Ersözlü said, “Interest in caravans increased considerably during the pandemic period. People need more isolated life and vacation. Caravan is a great example of these needs. Caravans suitable for all pouches and budgets are on display. There are many types of caravans. For example, there are electric and hybrid caravans. Towing caravans attract a lot of attention. Because its price is cheap and it provides the opportunity to go anywhere without the problem of space. That’s why its sales are high. “People who don’t want to worry about towing the motorhome buy it,” he said.

Ersözlü said, “Visitors coming to the fair are in a cosmopolitan structure. We see that nature enthusiasts who want to explore new places by staying alone with nature and living in a calm environment in their lives visit this place. Of course, we also host important names from the world of culture, arts, cinema and music. For example, Şevval Sam, Kenan Doğulu and Pınar Altuğ are among our guests.

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