Pre-holiday bus tickets sold out

Birol Özcan, Chairman of the Turkish Bus Drivers Federation (TOFED), said that the Eid-al-Adha tickets of the companies are over and the tickets for additional flights have started to be sold.

Stating that there is a high demand for buses carrying passengers between cities due to the Eid al-Adha, Özcan said, “Some citizens also bought their return tickets.”

Stating that people have spent a long time at home due to the pandemic, Özcan said, “People are bored, they want to go to their hometowns. People are waiting for the 9-day holiday.”

Özcan, reminding that the flights have increased with the normalization, continued as follows:

“Yesterday, our flights increased to 1500. Starting from tomorrow, the number of our flights will increase even more. With the additional flights, the numbers will increase even more. We will not leave our passengers in Istanbul with additional flights. We will send every passenger who wants to go to their hometown.”

Expressing that the buses are currently full, Özcan said, “We expect to exceed 2,200 daily trips during the holiday. The circular for additional flights was issued for 9-31 July. The early publication of the circular has been very beneficial for our sales and means that the passengers will not be victimized.”


Explaining that the increase in the number of flights and passengers during the Eid al-Adha will give the sector a breather, Özcan stated that the buses that have not been operating for a long time will travel during the holiday.

Emphasizing that citizens should not turn to pirate transportation during the holiday, Özcan said, “Our people, please buy their tickets from our companies. Buses depart without permission from everywhere. This hurts us. We reported the pirate transportation to the ministry and the police department.”

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