Population increased 4 times before full closure: They flocked to summer resorts


Mayor of Marmara Islands Süleyman Aksoy said, “As of now, there are a lot of tourists coming from Istanbul and Anatolia to our islands. Since the pandemic, people have intensified to build villas on our islands. Nowadays, there is a density before the restriction. Our population, the total population of our islands in the past years was 9 thousand 873. As of now, Avşa Island has been 25 thousand, Marmara Island has been 10 thousand, Ekinlik Island has been a thousand. After this closure, all venues in Turkey and the world will be open as in the island. Our biggest problem was transportation. Now, flights are arranged to our islands from Tekirdağ, Barbaros, Erdek and Istanbul with 12 different scheduled flights.

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