"Pearl of the Euphrates" Rumkale, Turkey will have the largest terrace

by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, “Turkey’s most magnificent castle 13” shown in the list of ‘the pearl of the Euphrates’ Rumkale, the glass will have the largest terrace in Turkey.

The construction of the glass terrace to be built in the area where the “pearl of the Euphrates” Rumkale looks the most beautiful has started. The glass terrace is being built on steep cliffs overlooking the Euphrates River and Rumkale in cooperation with the Gaziantep Governorship and the Metropolitan Municipality.
Governor Davut Gül said that the glass terrace is an important project in terms of bringing the region to tourism. Gul voicing excited about the project, said: “We are doing the castle is a beautiful glass terrace on the ground saw the full download to watch the Rumkale beauty. Our construction will be completed in the month began, and June. The characteristic of this glass terrace is 270 square meters. Glass in Turkey It will be the biggest of the terraces. It will be able to host visitors this year.
Metropolitan Mayor Fatma Şahin stated that the Euphrates basin is a great treasure for them. Stating that the glass terrace will become a center of attraction in the region, Şahin said, “There is history, civilization and geography in front of the glass terrace. Actually, it was too late. We had to introduce this beauty to the world before.”
Corona virus (Covidien-19), emphasizing that they translate literally deals with restrictions applied under measures Sahin, “Pandemic did not move during the leaf, but the city almost turned into construction sites. They have inside and outside seriously our work in cultural tourism. Made Vaccinations, we hope normalize made here is Turkey’s largest “We will host people on the glass terrace.”
Stressing that they are the first gastronomic city in Turkey, Sahin, said: “Here visitors from the Euphrates and Rumkale against bird Game kebabs and baklava the food, then drink the turpentine coffee. We are at the end of a work that combines the beauty of taste to. We reached our destination when we managed it. We are aiming for millions of people to come here. This is the promotion and facility work. Hopefully, we will make this place a center of attraction in a short time.
The historical Rumkale, which is listed on the 13 most magnificent castles list by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, is located in the region where Merzimen Stream joins the Euphrates River in Gaziantep’s Yavuzeli district. It is rumored that Rumkale, which is considered sacred by Christians, was the residence of John, one of the apostles of the Prophet Jesus, during the Roman period and reproduced the Bible copies in a rock-carved room.

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