Pandemic effect on caravan rentals: Hotel prices do not match

The rent to be paid daily by those who want to take a vacation with a caravan, which has become attractive due to the new type of corona virus (Covid-19) conditions, is not equal to the hotel prices.

Until a few years ago, the caravan holiday was known as a holiday model that mostly decorated the retirement dreams of Turkish people.

With Covid-19 changing lifestyles, habits and needs, caravans have become the dream of people from all walks of life and age.

In this change, the curfews that have been applied for more than a year, social distance rules, which have now become an invariable part of daily life, and the fear of corona virus contamination were also effective.

While the sales prices of the caravans have more than doubled in a short time, the rental fees have become competitive with the overnight accommodation of the all-inclusive 5-star hotels.


Depending on the preferred caravan type, daily rental fees vary between 300 lira and 2 thousand 500 lira.

Those who want a caravan holiday can choose motorhomes with living modules such as beds, toilets, bathrooms and kitchens, which do not need any vehicle for traction.

Citizens who want more movement can rent a trailer that they can attach to the back of their vehicles. In this type of caravan, it is also possible to rent a car with sufficient power for traction.

Those who prefer to “get off the road” for a holiday meet nature with an “off road caravan” suitable for all climate and terrain conditions. Due to the driver’s license requirement in some caravans, only chauffeur-driven rentals can be made.

In addition to corporate companies, vehicles belonging to those who rent their caravans over the internet can also be preferred. Due to high demand, those planning a caravan holiday may need to make a reservation days in advance.


Leyla Özdağ, Chairman of the Board of the National Camping and Caravan Federation, evaluated the increase in the demand for caravans in recent years.

Stating that there is an “uncontrolled growth” in the holiday area with caravans, that there is no control in the rental, anyone who puts a bed and refrigerator in their car can come out as “I am renting a caravan”, Özdağ said, “There were 3-5 companies that rented a caravan until a few years ago. Due to the pandemic, this number is large. “There has been a significant increase in the number of those who rent their caravans as well as those who rent their own caravans,” he said.


Özdağ, who recommends corporate companies to those who want to rent a caravan, explained that it is important to rent caravans with insurance and guarantee.

Noting that renting a caravan is an official language, Özdağ said, “Preferring those who rent their own caravans is risky for both sides. The renter trusts the insurance of his own car. However, a separate insurance system is used for renting caravans. Personally, I am a caravan owner for 30 years, even I would not give my car to anyone else. “Because I don’t have private insurance suitable for renting,” he said.

Özdağ, who advised the citizens to pay attention to whether the company that makes the rental is corporate or not, added that there is no difference in price between corporate companies and the model in which people rent their own caravans.

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