Ormana’s historical buttoned houses became a frequent destination for those seeking an isolated holiday in the pandemic.

Operator Tolga Özgüven, who started the first alternative tourism 8 years ago in the Ormana District of Antalya’s İbradı district, said that Ormana is a center of attraction since it is a historical place with its buttoned houses.

Pointing out that Ormana is a village on its way to become the Safranbolu of Antalya, Özgüven said, “Even though the pandemic has difficulties in 2021, our region is not as bad as other regions under pandemic conditions, since our region is in a more isolated spot. We have reached a certain number of guests. We are behind the targets, but we have hosted 3,500 people in our accommodation facilities in the first five months since the beginning of the year. Although we have difficulties with foreign tourists, we have become a frequent destination for guests looking for an isolated holiday under pandemic conditions. We have become a point of choice as we provide accommodation in buttoned houses.”

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