only in Turkey! Fish passion ‘came to life in Turkey Marine Life Museum

Balcı said that he has continued his fishing story, which he started in Kadıköy, for 52 years.

Stating that he has been fishing for half a century as a person who is “in love with the sea”, Balcı said that he has also been working to embalm the fish for more than 30 years.

Stating that he aims to contribute to the students the most in his mummification business, which he started to inherit the future, Balcı said, “I presented this museum, which I established with 41 trucks of fish, to the children and students. May the children be happy. Let the fisher find what they are looking for in Kenan, let them not forget the fisherman Kenan. Fisherman Kenan” I mean the sea, fish are. I’m like children without referring example would sometimes cry. I myself annoys you to cry. it was my knowledge from childhood, I have the gift of children in Turkey marine Life Museum to where I live, “he said.

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