Of the east "winter paradise" Erzurum is white during the day and brilliant at night

Erzurum, Turkey’s shining star, especially in terms of winter tourism in recent years, nowadays he wore the white wedding night and day turns into a different beauty.

Erzurum, whose written history goes back a long time, has an important tourism potential with its historical artifacts, sports facilities and natural beauties. The city, which has a completely different beauty with its air, water, mountain mountains, white in winter and lush green in summer, is like an open-air museum with its countless historical artifacts.
The city, which is built on the slopes of Palandöken Mountain, where the plateau air is experienced during the summer months due to its height of approximately 1800 meters above sea level, is also known as the “cool paradise on the plain”.
The ancient city Erzurum hosts thousands of local and foreign tourists every year with its Tortum Waterfall, historical buildings, jumping towers, and Palandöken Mountain.
The city, which shines with its historical buildings and sports facilities illuminated at night, was viewed from the air with a drone. The night view of the city, which is illuminated by the daytime state of the city, which almost wears its wedding dress with the snowfall, offers insatiable views to the watch.
Provincial Director of Culture and Tourism, Cemal Almaz, said in a statement that Erzurum has different beauties in summer and winter. Stating that there are important works in belief, culture, history and tourism in the city, Almaz said:
“Koskoca Palandöken Mountain, slopes, social facilities are waiting for you. Everything from jumping towers to madrasas and castles are waiting for you. These experiences, especially winter sports, must be experienced and seen. “
Noting that summer and winter sports are held in the city, Almaz invited sports enthusiasts to the city. Stating that he describes the city as the “City of White Loves”, Almaz said: “Love is a passion, connection and affection, and white is cleanliness, first and beginning in Turkish mythology. If you want to experience these loyalties, love, naturalness and beauty, start from Erzurum. Just as summer gives beautiful images, it also gives very different, delicious and beautiful images in winter. Day and night is completely different.We made night lighting, it is completely different to share that experience, image and beauty. The winter scenes are really beautiful in Erzurum and suitable for its rightful reputation. You cannot experience this beauty anywhere else. “

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