Number of passengers expected to reach 123 million in airlines

The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, General Directorate of State Airports Authority (DHMİ) revised the Aircraft, Passenger, Freight Series and Estimates Report.

Accordingly, due to the outbreak of Covidien-19 despite a limited period all over the world, including Turkey, in direct transit passengers the airline has used 81 million 657 thousand 70 people. The number of airline passengers increased by 50.7 percent at the end of this year compared to last year, It is expected to increase to 123 million 26 thousand 132.

The number of passengers, which is expected to be 178 million 761 thousand 572 next year, is expected to increase to 203 million 679 thousand 26 in 2023, the 100th anniversary of the Republic, with an increase of 149.4 percent compared to 2020.

The biggest increase in the number of airline passengers will be in international flights. The number of international passengers, which was 31 million 986 thousand 25 last year, is expected to increase by 80.6 percent this year, reaching 57 million 769 thousand 244.

The number of domestic passengers, which was 49 million 621 thousand 174 last year, is expected to increase by 30.7 percent in 2021 to 64 million 876 thousand 212.


The aircraft traffic, which was 1 million 57 thousand 247 including transit overpasses last year, is expected to increase to 1 million 359 thousand 194 this year. It is estimated that the aircraft traffic, which is expected to increase to 1 million 716 thousand 947 next year, will reach 1 million 982 thousand 480 in 2023.

According to the report, domestic flight traffic will increase by 12.3 percent this year compared to last year, and will be 646,403. Aircraft traffic on international flights will increase from 280 thousand 571 to 463 thousand 3, with an increase of 65 percent in the period in question.

Compared to last year, there will be a 24 percent increase in transit overpasses this year. The transit overpass, which was 201 thousand 414 last year, will increase to 249 thousand 788 this year, 338 thousand 455 next year, and 421 thousand 437 in 2023.


Turkey 2 million 403 thousand 959 last year, while cargo movements at airports across 3 million tons this year, 454 thousand 700, 3 million 972 thousand 102 next year, 2023 is expected to rise to 4 million 134 thousand 992 tons.

In 2023, an increase of 72 percent is expected in freight transportation compared to the previous year. In the year in question, it is aimed that the freight traffic on domestic lines will increase by 67.5 percent and on the international lines will increase by 73.2 percent compared to last year.

At the airports where 1 million 324 thousand 310 tons of cargo was transported last year, it is planned to carry 1 million 282 thousand 556 this year, 1 million 476 thousand 733 in 2022, and 1 million 539 thousand 536 tons in 2023.


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