No increase in bus ticket prices is expected until May

Turkey Chambers and Commodity Exchanges (TOBB) Road Passenger Transport Council Chairman Mustafa Yildirim, Covidien-19 outbreak due to the gradual normalization period until the travels of unavoidable situations and by making depending on the permission 65+ and apply to citizens under 20 years of age who bounce restrictions streets, inter-city journeys He said he brought it to a halt.

Reminding that airlines were exempted from this practice and then restrictions on shuttle vehicles and rail transport were lifted, Yıldırım said, “Finally, with the circular issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs on 8 March, the capacity restriction in transportation activities under the Road Transport Law No. 4925 was removed.”

Yıldırım stated that intercity and tourism transporters, who received a certificate from the Ministry, fulfill the same practices and precautions in both ground handling services and buses and airlines, and that passenger recruitment is not uncontrolled like urban public transportation vehicles.

Passengers on the bus With HES code Pointing out that it was taken, Yıldırım stated that there are disinfectants and masks for passengers in the buses, the use of masks is inspected, the personnel’s fever is measured every time, and all the measures in the Outbreak Management Study Guide prepared by the Ministry of Health are implemented.


Yıldırım stated that they pay attention to seating people who are not from the same family in case there is a place in the buses and said, “Our passengers can choose our buses for intercity travel with peace of mind”.

Reminding that the bus companies, which transport with very few passengers, had previously increased their ticket prices in order to cover their costs, as the capacity limitation was imposed due to the Covid-19 outbreak, Yıldırım said:

“Following the removal of the capacity limitation, ticket prices were also reduced to pre-epidemic figures. There is no increase in bus ticket prices until May. The sector is regulating ticket prices in May every year. However, some of our companies do not intend to increase prices in May this year.”


Lightning, starting with the gradual normalization in Turkey that start taking the bus from the bus station exit fee was drawing attention, said:

“Our buses have started to operate at full capacity, but our buses are still not full due to the fact that universities provide distance education and there is no vacation period. Our buses, which carry 200 million passengers annually in 2019, carry 50 million passengers annually this period. until the industry recovers a little, or they get 50 percent off the bus terminal exit fees.

Yıldırım, demanding that the rents paid by the bus companies at the bus terminals be taken at a discount, said that the necessary payments will be made excessively when things return to normal and businesses start to gain.

Pointing out that although the passenger capacity limitation was lifted, passenger mobility did not increase due to the provision of distance education at universities, Yıldırım said, “As of July 2, schools will be vacationed. We expect the sector to move after this date.”


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