New support from Halkbank to travel agencies

Halkbank, Turkey Travel Agencies Association (TÜRSAB) member travel agencies, for use in commercial activities principal grace period of 6 months, up to 36 months to provide financing support up to 100 thousand TL could vadelendiril.

“Support Package for TÜRSAB Member Travel Agencies” protocol was signed between Halkbank and TÜRSAB.

Speaking at the protocol ceremony, Halkbank General Manager Osman Arslan stated that they recently announced a support package for businesses that are members of the Ankara Chamber of Commerce (ATO) Insurance Services Professional Committee, and now they are working on the tourism sector.

Arslan stated that the Chairman of the Board of ATO Gürsel Baran did not leave them alone in this study and thanked Baran for his contribution and participation in the ceremony.

As Halkbank, Turkey’s economy Arslan stated that they assume important responsibilities of its ability to maintain its power, occupation and industry groups said they continued to develop private financing services.

Arslan continued his words as follows:

“Today, we are together for cooperation in the tourism sector, which has a key importance in the development of our country. The tourism sector has been one of the most affected sectors due to the global restrictions caused by the new type of corona virus (Covid-19) epidemic. Stopping the spread of the pandemic and controlling the epidemic. Almost all countries have imposed preventive travel and curfew restrictions.

The decrease in travel mobility caused the tourism sector to be negatively affected both globally and in our country. However, I would like to state that both we and the industry have a positive and hopeful perspective towards the future. “


Arslan stated that the vaccination efforts of the countries showed that the travels will be intense in 2021 and that they will finance the sector as Halkbank.

Reminding that Halkbank has launched the Credit Guarantee Fund (KGF) Guaranteed Tourism Support Package in order to support the financing needs of companies in the tourism sector, Arslan said:

“Now, we are signing a protocol with TÜRSAB for travel agencies, which are one of the most important stakeholders of the tourism sector. We have created an upper limit in accordance with this protocol, we previously thought that this could be an upper limit of 75 thousand TL, but this morning, our president Firuz Bey and our dear chamber of commerce president In our assessment, in principle, we decided to apply this 75 thousand limit as an upper limit of 100 thousand TL.Therefore, within the framework of this upper limit, we aim to meet the financing needs of the agencies under suitable conditions and support their preparations before the tourism season, thanks to the ‘Support Package for TÜRSAB Member Travel Agencies’.

This natural principle was a limit, some companies will surely be able to benefit more than this if the necessary conditions are met.

Within the scope of the package, according to the needs and demands of TÜRSAB member travel agencies, we will respond to requests for a cash business loan with a maturity of up to 36 months, with no capital payment for 6 months, Paraf Kobi Card, our trademark, letter of guarantee and commercial credit deposit account.

In addition, we will provide TÜRSAB members, who benefit from the package, the opportunity to make free EFT / money transfer through our digital channels. We anticipate that nearly 10 thousand travel agencies will benefit from this support package. “

Arslan stated that they will continue to support economic activity with new solutions to be provided to different sectors.


Chairman of the Board of TÜRSAB Firuz Bagkaya, Related to the protocol, “Today our industry for a very important day. Bringing tourists to Turkey, foreign trade by providing the largest foreign currency inflow to our country which closes the gap, we’re signing of an agreement to be the symbol of confidence in the employment constitutes the tourism industry. For our country since 82 years, our people Supporting the producers as well as its employees, Halkbank demonstrates its trust in our tourism sector with the ‘Trust in Tourism Credit Package’. said.

Recalling that the epidemic caught many countries and the economy unprepared and upset all balances, Bagkaya said, “While the tourism sector was the biggest damage in this process, the travel agencies, which are the locomotives of the sector, were the most affected and most damaged by the pandemic.

Year of Turkey to promote around the world, marketing a dedicated, our travel agent that overcomes all the difficulties the country love, many crisis faced in the recent period showed the ability to exceed the least damage, pandemic has been an embarrassment to the extent that our industry’d never met before. “He said.

Bağkaya continued as follows:

“As a result of the contacts we made to find a solution to this problem, Halkbank responded to our call and showed its trust in our sector with a great vision, understanding and faith. ‘Trust in Tourism Credit Package’ will make a great contribution to the re-mobilization, recovery and rise of our sector.

In order to achieve our goals in tourism, it is of great importance to open the way for travel agencies, to contribute in the field of marketing and above all to provide moral support. In this respect, the support provided by Halkbank has a very special meaning. Today discarded signatures, but also Turkey’s economy, the importance of tourism to Turkey and travel agencies to its contribution to the future of this country also shows confidence. “

He added that it is sufficient for agencies to apply to Halkbank branches with a document showing that they are a member of TÜRSAB to apply for the package.

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