Nepal to ban 2 mountaineers sharing fake Everest summit

The dream of many mountaineers who climbed the Everest Peak, the highest point in the world.

There are also those looking for easier ways to share summits in this challenging journey.

Two climbers from India asked for certification, stating that they climbed Everest in 2016. Experienced climbers who conducted the investigation believed that the photograph the climbers showed as evidence was fake.

An investigation was launched in Nepal on the allegations. As part of the investigation, which also questioned the sherpas, it was claimed that the authorities would ban the two climbers for the next 10 years. Nepalese tourism official Pradip, Kumar Koirala said, “They could not prove their claim for the summit of Everest. We recommended sanctions against the two climbers.”

Nepal, which needs tourism revenues from Everest, started to provide more and more people with peak certificates every year. In Everest, where only a few dozen people climbed each year until recently, the numbers are now expressed in hundreds.

In India, the government rewards climbers who climb to the top of Everest. In 2016, it was revealed that an Indian couple was making a fake climb. In 2019, Nepal removed five names from the list of those that reached the roof of the world.


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