Nemrut Mountain ‘World Heritage’ hosted the first visitors of the season

Nemrut Mountain 'World Heritage' hosted the first visitors of the season

The snow-covered road of Mount Nemrut, which is on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List, was cleaned and hosted the first tourists of the season.

The road to Mount Nemrut, at an altitude of 2,206 meters, where there is a thickness of snow over a meter in places, has been opened to transportation.
After 3 days of road construction work of the highways teams, salting was done on the road and the road was opened to traffic.
Mount Nemrut, where the gigantic sculptures are located, ‘the most beautiful place where the sun rises and sets’, is preparing to host its guests for the new tourism season. Following the opening of the snow-covered road, the first tourists individually came to the top.
Tourists reached the summit after the difficult climb on the partly snow-covered hiking trail.
New Zealander Andre Jangejan, who was the first foreign tourist who came to Mount Nemrut on the east terrace, where some of the statues were completely freed from the snow captivity, and on the west terrace, where some of the statues remained under the snow, said that he liked and admired the giant statues and Mount Nemrut.
Local tourist Yıldız Ersönmez stated that Nemrut Mountain is very beautiful and everyone should come and see it and said, “Nemrut Mountain is very beautiful, I recommend everyone to see this place. This is a must see place. You have a hard time going up to the summit, but when you go up and look at the view, you say it is worth it ”.
Adıyaman Museum Director Mehmet Alkan, on the other hand, stated that Nemrut Mountain awaits local and foreign tourists in all its glory with the opening of the snow-covered roads, and said, “Nemrut Mountain, where the sun rises and sets the most beautifully and where the huge statues are located, is waiting for its visitors.”

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