Nature wonder Azap Lake in Aydın will be the heart of ecotourism

In order to raise awareness and encourage sensitivity against storks, one of the important creatures of the wetland ecosystem, the EKODOSD continued the tradition of awarding one sack of flour to the person who sees the first stork that comes to the villages of Aydın, which is one of the places frequented by migrating storks, this year.

Stating that the flour was delivered to the citizens who saw the stork for the first time this year, Sürücü; “The guests who will come to Azap Lake, Avşar and Yeşilköy, where there are different beauties in every season, will not only mention nature and history as well as fishing in fields in summer, fishing in winter by boat, how the water has changed the geography for thousands of years, Myus, a port city 2500 years ago 20 km from the sea today. They can watch with great excitement that he is left behind. Following the examinations, the flours of those who first saw the stork in Avşar and Yeşilköy were delivered to the mukhtars of both villages. “Since 2 people see the stork that first comes to Avşar village at the same time, the flour sack will be shared by the headman among those who see the stork,” he said.

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