NASA Earth Observation Tournament Editor Carlowicz: I said ‘Lake Van will win’

Van LakeMichael Carlowicz, editor of the Earth Observatory website organizing the “Earth Observation Tournament” of the US Aviation and Space Agency (NASA) online photo contest, where the photograph taken from space is the first, said the photo of Lake Van taken by Astronaut Kate Rubins on September 12, 2016. He made statements after being chosen first among the photographs.

Carlowicz stated that the NASA Earth Observatory site was established in 1999 as part of the NASA Science Unit and that they publish photographs of the earth taken from space every day, and that they mainly create archives from the photographs taken by astronauts regarding cultural structures, geographic and climatic patterns.

Regarding the process of taking and archiving photographs, Carlowicz said, “The NASA Johnson Space Center has a team, the Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit. This unit provides photography training to astronauts before they go to space. While there it also sets specific goals for them every day.” You will be traveling over the Amazon Forests, please take a photo. You will be somewhere else at this time, take pictures of that place. ‘ “NASA Johnson Center gives instructions in the form,” he said.

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