Ministry of Internal Affairs answered questions about the “complete closure” period

According to the responses on the website of the Ministry, intercity travels to be made by all means as of 19.00 on Thursday, April 29th, can be made on condition that permission is obtained from the travel permit boards in case of obligatory situations.

In this respect, intercity travels to be made by those who are exempt from the reason for exemption and the curfew restricted by time and route (not having a general nature) will also be subject to permission.

For bus tickets purchased prior to the full closing decision, a travel permit will be required depending on whether there are compulsory conditions for travels that fall after the start of the restriction. As an exception, a travel permit will not be required for bus trips that will start their voyage until 24:00 on Thursday, April 29, 2021 (with an exception between 19:00 and 24:00) with tickets bought before the full closing decision.


There are no restrictions or restrictions on travel abroad. Passengers who will travel with an international connecting plane, on the condition of documenting their international flights, will be provided with a special vehicle, bus, train, etc. that will enable them to arrive and depart their residences with domestic connecting flights. Travel permits will not be required for travels by means of transport.

The decisions to be taken by the provincial sanitation boards in Istanbul-Gebze, Istanbul-Çorlu / Çerkezköy, Istanbul / Yalova, Izmir-Manisa, Kütahya-Uşak and similar border / neighboring provinces, where the province where the province of residence is different and the province where work is carried out on a regular basis. Passenger transportation with worker buses will be able to be carried out without being subject to intercity travel permit.

Foreigners who have a residence permit appointment from the provincial directorates of immigration administration will be able to attend their appointments without restriction, with an e-residence application / registration form (SMS / e-mail information indicating the appointment date in Istanbul and Ankara also indicating the appointment date) and a passport or a travel document that replaces the passport. This exemption will be limited to the time of the residence permit appointment and the route between the provincial directorate of migration management and the residence.


Aid activities carried out in coordination with foundations and associations and Vefa Social Support Groups will be able to continue throughout Ramadan. Foundations and associations will inform the governorship and district governorships of the scope of the activity and the information of the volunteers to participate in their applications for this purpose.

Foundation / association officials who are determined to meet the requirements with the assessment to be made will be exempted from the curfew, provided that the application is limited to the place and aid activities.

Caregivers and attendants who help people in the elderly and seriously ill people who cannot fulfill their nutritional and hygiene needs, will be exempt from the curfew restriction to submit the health report of the person in need of care and to be limited in time and route depending on the reason for exemption.


Workplaces selling flowers will be open between 10.00-17.00 on Saturday and Sunday, 8-9 May 2021, due to Mother’s Day, and citizens will be able to shop at the closest flower shop to their residence. Workplaces selling flowers will also be able to serve homes between 10.00-24.00 on these dates.

Workplaces located at airports, stations, ports and terminals will be subject to the general rules determined for their own sectors. In this context, places such as food and beverage and markets that may be open subject to certain conditions and periods may be open provided that the specified time and conditions are complied with, and other workplaces will be closed.

Employers, tradesmen and other insured persons who want to pay their SSI premium debt on Friday, April 30, 2021, will be exempted from the curfew, provided that they document their situation and stay on the route of the SGK directorate, since the SSI premium debts are the deadline for the second installment payments.

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