Minister Ersoy: I don’t think there will be a problem in terms of domestic tourism this year

Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy answered journalists’ questions prior to the joint press conference held yesterday by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Polish President Andrzej Sebastian Duda.

On a question about the talks with Russia, Minister Ersoy said, “The number of cases continues to improve. When we look from Turkey, we look at the number of cases on the last day. Europe and abroad, looking at the 2-week average. When we look at someone from abroad, we look at the average of 2 weeks” he spoke.

When asked whether Russia has set a limit for the number of corona virus cases in Turkey regarding the arrival of tourists, Ersoy said, “They should accept it above the borders of last year. According to the borders of the previous year, no one can open its doors to anyone in the world, not to Turkey. no one can open it to anyone. ” used the expressions.

Stating that the situation is progressing positively for now, Ersoy said, “(Covid-19 case numbers) we need to see under 5 thousand, that is, we need to reach below 5 thousand to be able to talk about something.”


When asked whether the negotiations with the European Union are continuing, Ersoy said, “He says, we will have very intense meetings next week. Country-based, not the European Union, country-based decisions are made, everyone makes their own decisions,” he said.

Stating that they will have various visits, Ersoy said, “The European Union countries have made a new principle decision, they are lifting the travel restrictions of visitors who have double vaccination. This is also true for us,” he said.

Upon a question, Minister Ersoy said that Turkey accepted all vaccines in EU countries and said, “They have not given a refusal about the Chinese vaccine. They are also collecting the data at the moment, “he said.


Ersoy said that they will share this as it becomes clear, upon a question about which countries they will visit.

Stating that they meet regularly with the UK, Ersoy said, “We are meeting with the Ministry of Health officials. They have a traffic light system, we have provided data flow compatible with it. We speak the same language with the English now. I expect a positive development there, as they make an assessment every 3 weeks, “he said.

When asked how Russia’s approach to the Chinese vaccine was, Ersoy stated that he did not see any negative statements about it.

On a question about whether the number of tourists will exceed the figures for 2020, Minister Ersoy said, “Last year, we had a target of 15 million and 16 million was realized. It will be clear this year as well, within a month, let the air traffic become clear, according to him we will make a comment again. He said, “We’ll pass the figures for the year.”

On another question, Ersoy said that domestic tourism has intensified and that it is better on a monthly basis compared to 2020.

Minister Ersoy said, “Our Safe Tourism Certificate is very effective, one of the most effective certification systems in the world. It also reassures Turkish tourists. We see the positive results of this. I do not think there will be a problem in terms of domestic tourism this year, “he made the assessment.

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