Meke Lake, ‘the evil eye bead of the world’, will come to life again

The institution stated that the wastewater treatment plant, from which water will be transported to Meke Lake, is 8.5 kilometers away.

Stating that the investment cost of the project is approximately 3.5 million TL, the Minister Institution made the following evaluations:

“We will carry about 7 thousand cubic meters of water per day from the waste water treatment plant to the groundwater that feeds Meke Lake. Hopefully, at the end of a year, we will carry 2 million 532 thousand cubic meters of water to our lake. Only 5 percent of the treated water is used in our country. With regard to climate change, we are entering a period in which water wars will occur all over the world and water will be much more valuable in the 2030s and 2050s. Therefore, we have to take steps to reuse our existing water. Hopefully, we will take steps to make Meke Lake even more revitalized by feeding it with different water resources. “

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