Meke Lake rescue operation: 2.5 million cubic meters of water will be transported

Prof. Dr. Fethullah Arik, Lake Meke Turkey’s both important in the world geological Stating that it is one of the heritage sites and that the view that is described as ‘the evil eye bead of the world’ no longer exists because the lake dries up, he said:

” Two-stage volcanic eruptionUnfortunately, the ‘evil eye bead’ appearance that we are used to seeing is not available at the moment. For this reason, our Ministry of Environment and Urbanization decided to start a project. At the beginning of January, a meeting was held at the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization General Directorate of Protection of Natural Heritage, with the participation of many expert institutions on the subject, including Konya Governorship Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization, General Directorate of KOSKİ, Konya Technical University Obruk Application and Research Center. It was predicted that Meke would not be able to come back naturally under the current conditions of drought and extreme uncontrolled groundwater usage. After that, it was decided to take water from both the underground water production wells in the region, from Acı Göl and Karapınar Wastewater Treatment Plant, and to make a feasibility study for the reinforcement of Meke Lake. ”

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