Made 200 meters above the ground, it will be breathtaking

Governor Ayhan, glass terrace stating that they planned to open in May, “There are many glass terrace in Turkey. But the features of this place are very different and will be very exciting. It will be enthusiastic and enthusiastic, which everyone should visit. Our Sivas and Divriği township has gained a great value with its 110 square meters of approximately 2 kilometers of hiking trails and many activities. With a vision project, we have used our Sivas tourism potential to a higher level than Divriği’s tourism potential. We will open this place towards May. Landscape studies are being carried out and this glass and viewing terrace area will add a great value to Sivas’s tourism with the private business model here.

With the arrival of the high-speed train to Sivas, with the railbus services becoming more active, a new airport is being built in Divriği and this will be our favorite with the completion of the airport. We are very happy, excited, proud, and thank those who supported us in revealing this potential. ”

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