‘Lord of the Rings’ inspirations in Sivas

'Lord of the Rings' inspirations in Sivas

The hillside houses built in Sivas, inspired by the “Hobbit Houses” in the “Lord of the Rings” movie, created fabulous landscapes after the snowfall.

Inspired by the houses buried in small hills where ‘Hobbits’ lived, short, big hairy feet and curly-haired character in the ‘Lord of the Rings’ and ‘Hobbit’ movie series, which Peter Jackson transferred from the work of John Ronald Reuel Tolkien to the cinema, The Paşabahçe Yamaç Evleri project, which was initiated, was implemented in 2019.
Houses similar to ‘Hobbit’ houses were built by the municipality in Paşabahçe Picnic and Recreation Area near the city center. When the slope houses, as large as the houses where the ‘Hobbits’ lived, became popular, the number started to increase. A mini ‘Hobbit Village’ was established with the new stage works.
In homes that are intertwined with nature, there are opportunities for a family to meet all their needs.
The architecture of the houses built as 1 plus 1 with kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom attracts the attention of those who see it.
The houses, which offer an authentic image in the area covered in white with snowfall, are gaining admiration.

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