Kütahya’s oxygen tank: Ketanova Plateau – Last Minute Kütahya News | NTV News

Located within the borders of Emrez and Senişler villages of Aslanapa district of Kütahya, the plateau is among the preferences of those who are depressed in the cities.

Ahmet Erdoğmuş and Süleyman Karaduman, who came to the region to have a picnic with the local resident Yılmaz Kocatürk, said that the interest in the oxygen reservoir Ketanova Plateau is increasing day by day.

Stating that people prefer to go to the highland rather than city centers, Kocatürk said, “This leads to an increase in highland tourism. Especially in pandemic conditions, citizens prefer to go to the highland because there are wide areas to meet the physical distance conditions. they do,” he said.

Noting that he predicts that there will be a high demand for the plateau once the restrictions are completely lifted, Ahmet Erdoğmuş said, “Ketenova Plateau offers unforgettable moments to its visitors with its pine forests, fountains, lake with its magnificent view and plenty of oxygen.”

Expressing that people need a holiday in this period, Süleyman Karaduman said, “We came here from Kütahya, we relaxed. The weather here is very good for me. Ketanova Plateau is not like the Alps. Right now, I am watching nature, watching the greenery, watching the pines, seeing the flowers.”

It was stated that many families in the plateau make their living from animal husbandry. Ketenova Yaylas, at an altitude of 1,660, was also viewed from the air.

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