Kemaliye, ‘pearl of Erzincan’ on its way to UNESCO

Our Development Agency (KUDAKA), our University, District Governorship, Kemav Foundation, our countrymen and experts living in Kemaliye and abroad, under the leadership of our Municipality, Necessary studies were carried out on our universal values ​​with our team, and the appropriate criteria of Unesco were determined and the file prepared by our Municipality was submitted to our Ministry of Culture and Tourism. The necessary consultations were made on our submitted file, and it was submitted by our Ministry to the World Heritage Committee on 15 April 2021, headquartered in Paris.

The decision to include our file on the temporary list will be notified to us by the World Heritage Commission in May, for which the necessary investigations will be made by the International Council of Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) by the World Heritage Committee.
In line with current data, eighty-three cultural, natural and mixed assets on behalf of our country are currently included in the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List (tentative list). The file we prepared for Kemaliye is prepared in the form of a mixed (cultural natural) entity and includes our traditional architecture along with the Dark Canyon. Our hope is that our Kemaliye will get one step closer to its World Heritage status in the declaration to be announced in May. “

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