It blooms only once a year: The penalty for plucking the Manisa tulip is 80 thousand 460 lira.

Kerim Gençoğlu, 4th Regional Director of Nature Conservation and National Parks, said:

“Our national park Spil, at an altitude of 1517 meters, is very close to a metropolis like Izmir. Our national park is a very rich place with its year-old horses and 120 species of endemic plants. It is possible to see our Manisa tulips in our national park. Tulips have been a symbol of the Ottoman Empire and Turkishness since the past. There are 14 types of tulips in our country, Manisa tulip is the most important of these types.

Since it is an endangered species, we, as the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, made a 2015 Species Action Plan and ensured the control and protection of our endemic plant species. We especially ask our citizens to be very sensitive. Because the penalty for the year 2021 is 80 thousand 460 lira. This is a very high number, we recommend that our citizens protect nature so that they do not suffer from this issue. When these bulbous plants collect and pluck both our tulips and snowdrops, they face criminal action. We check these regions frequently “

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