Istanbul’s oldest open-air museum: Yedikule Fortress

Stating that there was a neighborhood in Yedikule Fortress during the Ottoman period and that the first mosque was built here after the conquest of Istanbul, Turan said, “We do not plan to build this neighborhood, but here again, in line with the opinions of the conservation boards, we are planning to produce a few detachable places where we can welcome our guests. We are doing very detailed studies on how we will reach the tower, how we will get people to the tower, how the disabled access will be.

Turan stated that the restoration of the collapsed wall of the citadel took a year and they put the wall back on its feet, adding that they have saved the fortress for 100-200 years.

Explaining that the technical team conducts very detailed investigations about any play or crack, Turan said, “We will turn Yedikule Fortress into a place where visitors can come, where cultural and artistic activities can be carried out, and tourists can come. “This is an important destination where tourists will stay for another half-day in Istanbul,” he said.

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