Istanbul’s 10 historical apartments and their stories

Serdar-ı Ekrem is, in my opinion, the most beautiful street in Istanbul. This structure continues to appear today, covering most of this street. This is a place built between 1892-1894 by Albert Helbig, a merchant and banker of Belgium origin. Its architect is Raymondo d’Aronco. It is U-shaped and has Italian architecture. It has a unique view of Istanbul as a panoramic view. There are houses of famous artists such as Sezen Aksu, Teoman and Şener Şen. You know that many movies and video clips were also shot here. The last scene of the movie “Eşkıya”, the movie “Muhsin Bey” and “Crazy Crazy Ears with Earring” video of MFÖ are some of them. In 1942, the building was sold to Doğan Sigorta, owned by Kazım Taşkent, the founder of Yapı Kredi Bank. After this sale, the apartment was named Doğan, in memory of Kazım Taşkent’s son Doğan, who died in an accident in the Alps in 1939. From the 1950s until the 1970s, the apartments of the apartment were sold one by one and turned into personal property.

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