Investigation launched against British Prime Minister Johnson of a trip abroad

Parliament Standards Commissioner, Kathryn Stone, announced that Johnson is among the members of parliament who are being investigated.

It was noted that Johnson was investigated within the scope of the regulations on overseas travel, and whether Johnson and his partner Carrie Symonds correctly informed the parliament about who paid for his vacation in the Caribbean between December 26, 2019 and January 5, 2020.

In the information given to the Parliament, it was stated that the accommodation cost of 15 thousand pounds (175 thousand TL) was paid by David Ross, a conservative party donor businessperson.

However, a spokesperson of Ross first denied this, but then stepped back and stated that Ross was covering the costs, so “Johnson’s statement to the House of Commons was correct.”

If the investigation concludes that Johnson broke the rules, he may be asked to apologize. However, if the violation is found to be serious, the Prime Minister may be referred to the committee for sanctions ranging from temporary suspension from parliament to expulsion.


It was noteworthy that the investigation came after discussions that Johnson had renewed his flat in the Prime Minister’s Residence with donations from business people close to the Conservative Party.

Johnson’s former adviser, Dominic Cummings, claimed “unethical, stupid, possibly illegal” about the financing of the renovation, while the Prime Minister argued that Johnson “acted in accordance with the electoral law”.

In the statement made by the Election Commission on April 28, it was stated that an investigation was initiated regarding the financing of the renovation of the apartment in the Prime Ministry Office No. 10, pointing out that “there are reasonable grounds to suspect that a crime may have occurred”.


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