Indispensable for adrenaline addicts: Palandöken | NTV

Palandöken, Erzurum and Turkey Hotel General Manager stating that contribute significantly to the tourism Ali South, said that once came no longer go to other places, said:

“People come to Palandöken very lucky. Firstly the hotel and the municipality, you are guaranteed to profit from the artificial snow system. The first week of December, skiing can be done only in Palandöken in Turkey. Who come here, you can see the natural beauty outside the ski region has cag kebab, sweet pastry stuffed The Seljuk city of at least 1500 years of civilization, Erzurum is reminiscent of an open-air museum in terms of nature and history.Visitors include healing spas, Turkish baths, ice gyms and exciting ice climbing, zipline There is no iceberg and zipline in any ski center. Besides these services, Palandöken’s slopes and mechanical facilities are unique and similar. meters of snow This year we extended the season until the 15th of April due to the high snow. we are waiting for “

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