‘Ihlara Valley of the East’ Diyadin Canyon has been registered as a ‘Qualified Natural Protection Area’

Natural reserve declared as Diyadin CanyonDiyadin District Governor and Deputy Mayor Alper Balcı, who made examinations in Turkey, said that they aim to turn the district into an important tourism and production center of the region with the investments they will make under the leadership of the Governorship of Ağrı.

Noting that the district has important underground resources as well as natural beauties, Balcı said, “We would like to thank Mr. Murat Kurum, Minister of Environment and Urbanization. Our canyons have become natural protected areas. The width of the canyon varies between 30 meters and 50 meters in height. A place that is 30 kilometers long. This is a caravan, a magnificent area for nature lovers, those who will set up a tent and go hiking. We expect all our citizens and nature lovers to Diyadin. “We are waiting for our Diyadin Canyon, a geography of warm-hearted people, even though the climate is cold in this beautiful geography that we have purified from terrorism.

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