Human entry is prohibited in the natural wonder ‘Women’s River’

Human entry is prohibited in the natural wonder 'Women's River'

Women’s River, which is a wonder of nature in Muğla Akyaka, also got its share from the drought. The river, which NASA shared with the words “Wow. Enjoy its beauty” last April, was closed to human entry due to the falling water level and pollution.

The ‘Women’s River’ in Muğla Akyaka has been closed to human access indefinitely due to the decrease in the water level due to drought.
The ‘Women’s River’, known for its natural aquarium appearance in the ‘Calm City’ Akyaka District, was also affected by the drought.
Ula Municipality, to which Akyaka is affiliated, also took action upon the decrease in the water level in the river. With the decision taken, people were forbidden to enter the water.
The reasons for the ban were written on the signs placed in the area by the municipality officials.
The following statements were included on the signs: “Within the framework of the Environmental Law No. 2872 and Article 10-a of the Decree Law No. 644 and 383, the decrease in the water level of our Women’s River, which is located in the Special Environmental Protection Area, the damage to the living spaces of living things caused by entering it, the continuous pollution and It has been decided to close the area temporarily in order to eliminate problems such as garbage being thrown into it, and to transfer this treasure to the next generation as we inherited it from the previous generation. Thank you for your understanding. “
Muğla Sıtkı Koçma University, Engineering Faculty, Water Brands Mother Language Head Assoc. Dr. Ceyhun Özçelik stated that there was a decrease in water levels due to drought.
Underlining the need to control water resources, Özçelik said, “The place we call the Women’s River is in the form of a karst spring. A wide variety of creatures live. I think Ula Municipality made the right decision in terms of ‘protecting its biological diversity, sustaining life and keeping tourism alive’. Sustainable “We need to maintain the balance between nature and tourism,” he said.
Mayor of Ula Özer Türkler also made a statement on the subject. Stating that the river is located in the Special Environmental Protection (SEPA) area, Türkler said, “Our river has become dirty as a result of people unconsciously putting tables and chairs in the water, burning barbecues and throwing bottles.”
Stating that the pollution could not be prevented despite the cleaning efforts, Türkler said: “The water level of this place has decreased due to the low rainfall recently. As a result of the people stepping on, the fish nests have been destroyed. The roots of the plants have also been broken. The Azmak river has been severely damaged. We have closed this place since it is our main goal to transfer one to the next generation as we have inherited from the previous generation.”
NASA shared on its official social media account on April 22, Earth Day, about the ‘Women’s Ripe’, where local and foreign tourists went on a boat tour before the pandemic period. In the post on NASA’s official Instagram account, “Wow. Live the beauty’ note was included.

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